Son - 23 months, Daughter - 4 years old

I currently have two children. I have always been a working mom. My husband works full-time as well as well as my parents. I remember when I had my first child my maternity leave was ending in May 2017 and that's when my workplace usually lays everyone off for the summer because we work from September - May except for a few core employees. My daughter only had a place at a CPE daycare in September 2017 (She was born July 2016). So from May to September I had no child care and I needed to find some job as my maternity leave was ending. There was no other CPE's that had places and I registered on the online platform when I was probably 12 weeks pregnant maybe before. I was lucky enough to find a private daycare from May to September 2017 and it ended up that both my children attended there instead of CPE and my son still does as my daughter just started school. There is a huge lack in child care services in our area. The waiting lists are usually a year - 2 years long. I had also had my son registered at the local CPE as a back up this year and they only called me for a place for September 2020 and I went back to work in September 2019 after I had him in October 2018. So thankfully I had a spot at the private daycare.